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Small Businesses Your Purchase Supports

When you place an order with Reston & Rose Clay Company, you're not just supporting me. You're supporting a wide variety of small businesses across the world that I purchase materials and tools from.

Below is a list of the small businesses you're supporting by purchasing from Reston & Rose Clay Company!

• Ro Clay Co., located in Oregon.

• Cutterly Designs, located in Dallas, Texas.

• Clay Dough Cutters, located in Brooklyn, New York.

• ThreeDGeek, located in Atchison, Kansas.

• EarBlooms Co., located in Missouri.

• Bead Boat, located in Dallas, Texas.

• Curio Cuts, located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

• Shoteanx, located in Los Angeles, California,

• Vee Clay Designs Shop, located in Northampton, United Kingdom,

• Mrs. Goolihy, located in San Diego, California.

• Pearl And Ivy Studio E, located in San Francisco, California.

• The Sassy Brass Co., located in Chicago, Illinois.

• Lemonade Jewelry US, located in San Diego, California.

• Strange Printz, located in Bampton, Oxfordshire,

• Very Charms, located in Nantong, China,

• 3D World US, located in Frisco, TX.

• 3 Layer Prints, located in Havre, MT.

• My Sweet Cuts, located in Caldwell, ID.

• Cookie Cutters Gallery, located in Edmonton, AB.

• Bcr8vetools, located in Austin, TX.

• 3D Pro Studio, located in Morgantown, WV.


And more to come soon! (: